GIANT SAGUARO CACTUS (Carnegiea gigantea)

Rainbow Wall Giant Saguaro Cactus For Sale

Price: $14.99


Shipping: US-Mainland: $8.99
Sales Tax: Arizona: 8.75%

GIANT SAGUARO CACTUS (Carnegiea gigantea)

This plant is drought-tolerant and great for xeriscaping. Plant is easy to grow and very hardy outdoors in USDA zones 8-10. Suitable for growing in containers and indoors. Plant requires extra drainage in the soil and bright light. Soil should be allowed to dry completely between waterings.

The Saguaro typically will begin to branch after it reaches the height of 6 feet or more. The arms begin to form slowly, and in time, the Saguaro can grow to over 50 feet in height, at which time it may have many branches and weight tons.

Plant is originally from the Sonoran Desert of Mexico and the United States. Flower is white.

Plant is shipped bare rooted and is fom 4” – 6” tall.

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