Clarence Clemons the Big Man of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band

Rainbow Wall  Big Man clarence clemons

Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales

Hardcover Book

by Clarence Clemons and Don Reo

with forward by Bruce Springsteen

Free Shipping

Only $10.99

This is the inside story of Clarence “Big Man” Clemons, friend and band member with Bruce Springsteen. This book is about Clemons’ life before, during and beyond the E-Street Band, including unbelievable, never-before-told adventures with Bruce Springsteen, the band, and an incredible cast of other famous characters recounted by himself and his best friend, television writer/ producer Don Reo.

Here are just a few things you’ll get from reading it:
•The truth behind the final hours of making Born To Run
•The real story of how the E-Street Band got its name
•What happened when Clarence and Ringo Starr were sitting in a hotel room and Clarence got the call that Bruce was breaking up the band
•How Bruce and Clarence met that dark, stormy night at the Student Prince
•The E-Street band’s show at Sing-Sing prison where all of their equipment blows out right as they take the stage
•The secret that Robert De Niro told Clarence and Bruce they had to keep for 25 years
But that’s merely a glimpse. This is not your average rock book. It is something creative, something unique, something new. It is the story of E-Street. It is the story of stories. It is the story of the Big Man!

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